Two types of people

I thought it would be fun to have an article that shows what kind of person you are (hence why it is called two types of people) I will list some things from you to choose from. Then you as a reader must comment which one you picked.

Phone Battery with percent displayed vs Phone Battery without percent not displayed

It would bother me soooooo much if my battery percentage was not displayed because I would not know when it needed to be charged but then again, it might take some stress off of me.

Typing on your phone sideways vs Typing up right

Okay, this is just sort of weird to me to think about. I don’t know much people who type with their phones sideways and it would make me feel very weird if I typed like that. Therefore, typing up right would make more sense.

Pizza crust eater vs Not pizza crust eaterImage result for two kinds of people

Honestly, I don’t like pizza in general. {Do not rant and tell me I am not American for not liking pizza 😦 } So therefore I do not eat the crust, but if and when I do eat pizza I do not eat the crust because it does not taste good to me.

Original Doritos vs Cool Ranch Doritos

Okay this is super hard for me because I love both kinds! If I had to pick I would probably go with ranch Doritos only because I ate them today and they tasted really good. lol

Half empty vs Half Full

I have heard that people who choose half empty or more pessimistic and those who choose half full are optimistic. I chose half full because that is how I view it.

Stick Shift vs Automatic

Automatic, because I get annoyed with the stick shifts.

Book marking your page vs folding the edge of the paper to create book mark

This is like a pet peeve of mine. Please DO NOT FOLD THE PAGES OF THE BOOK TO CREATE A BOOKMARK!! It ruins the books and is it that hard to find a random piece of paper to stick in the book to create a book mark…it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Headphones vs Earbuds

Many notifications vs No notificationsImage result for two types of people

Hat front wards vs Hat backwards

Definitely frontwards unless…you just wanna feel cool like your in some rap video.

Smart watch vs regular watch

Smart watched are so much cooler than regular watches (Not to offend any of you regular watch people)

Laptop vs Computer

Phone case vs No phone caseImage result for two kinds of people

Military time vs Standard Time

Image result for military time vs standard time

Nutella vs Peanut butter

One alarm set vs multiple alarms set

Image result for two types of people

Rees-Is vs Rees-ees

Coke vs Pepsi

🙂 vs (:

I don’t even know how people type the other smiley face like literally I have to THINK about how to type it if it is that way

lol or haha

Starburst or Starburst jellybeans

Apple vs Samsung (Android)
Image result for two kinds of people

Ketchup or mustard

I hate mustard just so you are clear. It is disgusting.

Tea or Coffee

Did you say sweet tea???!!!

Hamburger or Cheeseburger

Image result for hamburger or cheeseburger

Those who simplify vs Those who complicate

I ALWAYSSSSSSS get told I over think everything. I do and it makes me so angry because I cant help but over analyze.

Listen while others talk or Talk while others speak

OOpss…I can’t help that random ideas come into my mind at bad times…

Dark Vs Light

Happy vs Unhappy

Hybrid Vs Truck

I am not a fan of big vehicles, just because I am uncomfortable driving them.


1 thought on “Two types of people

  1. 1) phone battery displayed
    2) typing upright
    3) pizza crust
    4) original
    5) half empty
    6) automatic
    7) bookmark
    8) headphones
    9) no notifications
    10) hat forwards
    11) regular watch
    12) laptop
    13) phone case
    14) standard time
    15) nutella
    16) neither lol
    17) rees-is
    18) coke
    19) (:
    20) depends
    21) regular starburst
    22) Apple
    23) ketchup
    24) coffee
    25) cheeseburger
    26) both haha
    27) listen
    28) dark
    29) happy
    30) neither


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