Jessica’s Story Part 5

As the day went along and Justin explained everything to her, Jessica finally felt safe around Justin once more.

“So why am I chained to the bed?” Jessica asked.

“Ha Ha!! funny story”

Justin slowly begins to lean over the bed that Jessica was casually laying down on. He reaches for both of her arms and pushes them behind her. He pushed her arms, hard against the back of the bed rest and makes sure she can not get out of his grip. He gently leans over her and softly kisses her on the her rosy red cheek.

“So I can do that, and you can’t run away from me.” He says smiling

Jessica still trying to comprehend the whole situation looks at Justin with sparkly blue eyes.

“I’m just Kidding babe.”

“I only did that because I know how you are.” Justin said.

“How am I?” Jessica begins to say all dazed and confused.

“Oh cmon now babe! You can’t sit there and tell me that if you woke up in a strange house and had no idea where you were that you wouldn’t try to run away.”

“Well…I guess you are right.” Jessica says

“Plus I can’t loose you, not again, not anymore.”

Justin lets go of Jessica’s arms and sits in the rocking chair across the room. Justin’s eyes only looking at the ground and with such a depressing look on his face. What a mood change for Justin, Jessica thought.

“What about the whole, ” relatives” thing?”

Justin stared at the ground but with more concentration. “Umm… I don’t want to tell you false information that I don’t know myself.”

“Well tell me what you do know.” Jessica says in a giggling/happy sense of a tone.

Justin looks up and the only thing he can get out of his mouth is, “God your so beautiful!”

Jessica looks at him out of pure confusion and frustration “Justin I NEED to know what is going on, I appreciate the compliment but if we are related this needs to stop now. Before things get worse.”

“Listen Jessica! Why can’t you take a compliment like EVERY OTHER GIRL’

“Maybe it’s because I am not like EVERY OTHER GIRL!!”

The mood quickly changed from romantic to anger fast.

“Justin unlock me now!!”

‘No Jessica.”

“Now!!!” Jessica began screaming.

“I can’t” Justin said

“Why NOT!”

“Because you can’t leave.” Justin’s tone changed.

“Yes I can, just unlock me and I can go..?”

“You don’t get it do you Jessica”

“Ummm..Duhhh obviously not and you won’t answer my questions sooo.”

You could tell that Justin was about to crack. He gently stood up, walked to the door, grabbed a book from the black bookshelf in the corner of the room, threw it at the foot of the bed where Jessica was laying, opened the door, and left. Not one word came out of his mouth. The only noise Jessica heard after that was a scream from what sounded like down stairs. Which not at ALL bothered Jessica.

Jessica reached for the book and noticed that her bed sheet looked burnt from where the book had landed. She picked up the book expecting it to maybe be slightly hot, but it was not. There was nothing on the cover of the book, only dark brown leather which was worn out and torn.

She turned the book to the first page which she read aloud,”Hello there, if you are reading this, then this means that you possess a great power not known to any human being on Earth. Since you are able to hold the book, this means you can’t get burnt and heat does not bother you. In fact, nothing can no longer harm you.”



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