Holi- The Festival of Colors

Ever wondered what Holi is? Wait…better question is do you know what today is?

Well today is Holi, The festival of colors!!!

Holi is an Hindu celebration in India and Nepal. Holi is also referred to as the “Festival of love.” There are many different things that Holi represents. It can signify good versus evil, beginning of spring/end of winter, and for most people is known to be a day to celebrate and meet new people. It also is a day to forgive and forget broken relationships. (Well that’s depressing.) Recently, Holi has spread to many different parts of Europe and North America.

Holi is not necessarily a “one day” celebration, because it starts the night before Holi. During this time people perform religious rituals around big bonfires and pray that their internal evil be destroyed.

The next morning whenever they wake up it becomes “Rangwali Holi” which is basically a day filled with beautiful bright colors. People Smear each other with different colors and have a free for all. Not to mention the people are supplied with water guns and balloons just for a little extra pizazz! Everyone is so called ‘fair-game” because anyone and everyone can be soaked with colors.Some people carry drums and instruments to create beautiful music on this fun day. This is also a day where people visit their families and just have a great time.


The Vishnu legend-

The Vishnu legend is a legend that explains why Hindu’s celebrate Holi. Holi is celebrated as the festival of colors in honor of the Hindu god “Vishnu” and his follower Prahlada. Also, the day before Holi ,the bonfire, symbolizes the celebration of good and evil and when fire burnt Holika.

In Hindu tradition it is simply just a day to end the past mistakes you have made and forgive and forget everything that has happened.

My suggestion to you on this fine day is to drive to Dollar General, grab yourself some colored power or some food coloring. Put the food coloring in something (whatever your little heart tells you to do) and have at it with Holi. It isn’t my fault if you get in trouble for drenching your parents with colors but hey there’s a story you can tell your kids.

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A special thanks to “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holi” for all the information


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