Jessica’s story Part 4

*As Jessica fell asleep, Justin leaves the room, turns off the lights, and slowly leaves the room*

A few hours later Jessica begins twitching and her eyes open. Jessica was kind of confused at first because when she awoke she had tears running down my face. To say the least, Jessica was use to crying. At the moment, Jessica was still day dreaming about Justin and his beautiful eyes and his face and how his brown hair laid so perfect across his forehead.

The room was quiet and dark. Jessica found this the perfect opportunity to look at her arm. She pulled up the sleeve of her shirt and saw a strange symbol. The that’s when it hit her. The black figure, who was it? How did she end up at Justin’s house or what she thought was Justin’s house. She tore of the red silk bed sheets and began to stand up. That is when she noticed that around her ankle was a chain. A chain that was connected to the bed so she could not physically stand up. Jessica began to panic and then she heard footsteps.

Jessica quickly laid back down in the bed, covered herself back up, and acted like she was still asleep. The doorknob began to turn and Jessica closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. She felt a muscular warm hand touch her waist and she twitched. Now the person knew that she was faking it. The voice replied with,

“Baby, it’s just me Justin. Everything is fine I promise.”

Jessica turned around to face Justin. Justin knew right then that Jessica knew something was up. Justin says,

“Listen, babe…I can explain!”

Jessica looked up and goes,

“And to think…I thought… I thought I was safe with you and that you would protect me!! To think that you LOVED ME!!”

Jessica bursted into tears.

Justin then says,

“Let me explain.”

“The year is 2035, you have this supernatural thing that allows you to freeze time and move yourself to different time zones and centuries. I saw you wandering around your old house and I wanted to make sure you were safe and okay.”

Jessica looked confused.

“So if the year is 2035 like you say, then how have you not aged?”

Justin looked impressed and replies with,

“Because it is in our bloodline…”

Jessica paused for a moment.

“Our bloodline?!?”

Justin looked down at his feet.

“So apparently I am in love with one of my relatives babe.”

Jessica was so shocked. Justin reached out and put his soft hands on her rosy red cheeks.

“Don’t worry…Everything will be explained. All you need to know is that everything you thought you knew about the world, it is completely wrong.”


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