Jessica’s Story Part 3

The hidden figure once again repeated,

“So the time has come Jessica.”

Jessica stared directly at the blank figure as it approached. As the figure slowly moved towards her she felt a slight burn on her shoulder that aggressively began getting hotter and hotter as the figure approached. It got so hot that Jessica began sweating an pulled up her sleeve to see what was happening. As she looked at her shoulder it looked as if she was being branded. The figure was now a few feet away and said,

“Oh my apologizes for the symbol on your shoulder, it is just the way we mark the chosen ones.”

Now the amount of pain Jessica was in was almost unbearable. Jessica screamed


The figure laughed but in such a disgusting way that it may have been the devil himself. Jessica could now see the body of the figure. Covered in all black with a hood covered over its head. When you looked under the hood you could see absolutely nothing but strange darkness.

Jessica felt a sudden force upon her body. Her big blue eyes began to turn red. Her face turning a blue purple tint, and then just fell. Just fell!!

As Jessica lay unconscious on the ground the hidden figure picked her up gently in it’s arm, and slowly began removing its hood. The hidden figure was no other then


Justin began slowly walking towards his house. At the time, Justin and Jessica were always great friends but Justin would always refuse to let Jessica come to his house. He was rather busy or made up some excuse of why she couldn’t come over. After a long walk Justin approached his house. Justin’s house was pure white, not one mark on his house not one plant bush out of place. Everything was perfect, to perfect.

Justin still carrying Jessica rings the doorbell of his so called house, he waits and then the door begins to unlock. As the door opens, Jessica opens her eyes completely unaware what has happened in the process of her becoming unconscious.

Jessica looks up only seeing Justin’s handsome face. She automatically feels safe and comfort and almost begins to speak before Justin looks down and touches her soft lips with his gentle fingers. She smiles as Justin carries her into the house. (Jessica completely unaware of the person who opened the door in the first place)  Justin walks up the spiral staircase right as he walks into the door. Jessica completely unaware of everything going on around her, only focused on Justin.

As he carries her up the stairs Jessica can see that he is struggling carrying her. She begins to say,

“Well I can walk you know?”

but Justin ignores her and keeps walking. Now in a small hallway in Justin’s house he walks into a bedroom.

The bedroom is completely beautiful as he gently lays Jessica on the satin pink bed. Justin with his muscular arm under her precious head. Justin sits next to her in the bed. Jessica starts getting all tingly on the inside and looks up at him not seeing him as a best-friend anymore. Justin unties her hair from her high ponytail and brushes is hand along her forehead. Then slowly reaches for her hand in which their hands fit perfectly together like a puzzle piece.  Jessica slowly begins to doze off with all her worries gone for the moment. Justin slowly lets go of her hand and stand up walks away and whispers as soft as he possibly can as if he is talking to himself, “I love you.” Justin didn’t think Jessica would have heard him, but she did.

As Jessica dozes off the last thing on her mind was “I love you too, Justin”



1 thought on “Jessica’s Story Part 3

  1. Best story ever and to think my best friend wrote it!!!!!!!!!!


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