Jessica’s story Part 2

Jessica turned around frightened by what could be behind her. Was it her father or her mother? Come to find out, it was neither. She slowly turned around but was relieved to only find her best-friend Justin. Justin looked at her almost in disgust.

“Oh my God!!! Jessica!!! Did he hit you again?!”

Jessica stared blankly at the ground, she had nothing to say. Her big blue eyes started tearing up and Justin knew it all to familiar. He walked up to Jessica and held her.The comfort and warmth she felt as he grabbed hold of her. Almost a reminder that she was in fact living and not dead like she felt. All of the sudden she heard the door in the back room slam shut.

“Justin, it’s time for you to leave now.”

‘I am not leaving you, not ever again!”

‘Justin please!!!” she pleaded.

Justin would not listen to her and he stayed. In less then a few seconds her father would walk in. He would acknowledge the boy, grab him by his t-shirt and continuously punch him in the rip cage. With his fist all bloody the father kept repeating with every punch,

“See what happens when you try to protect her!!! Leave her alone. She is not yours. She will only bring you trouble.”

Until Justin lay unconscious on the cold bathroom floor. Jessica was now more frightened then before. Crying hysterically in the destroyed bathroom. Something must have happened at his office that made him this angry. That had to have been what happened Jessica tried to tell herself.  Jessica backed up her back now touching the cold white bathroom sink. Resting her hands on the faucet she looked up. Fear took hold of her whole body. He reached up and put his large bloody fist on her cheek.

“I am sorry honey. I love you!!!”

Anger now ran through her body. All kinds of emotions ran through her mind and then something happened. Something almost out of the very grace of God.

Time Froze….

She moved and her dad remained with his arm up that was raised to touch her cheek. Justin laying unconscious on the ground holding his ribs and blood was frozen in the air as it had been dripping from his side. She ran outside and all the cars outside of her house were frozen on the street. What was happening! Why did she deserve this? A black figure moved out of the corner of her eye. She slowly turned to see what the movement was. A person or thing began walking towards her and all she could hear was, “So, the time has come Jessica.” What did it want with her?


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