Jessica’s Story

“Shhhhhh, it will be okay I promise!!”

That was the last words Jessica ever heard from her beautiful mother. She was loaded into the back of the cop car. As the cop car drove away she began to cry her pretty little eyes were dripping water. Much like how the weather was that day. She put her right hand on the car window and watched the rain drops trickle down the window, slow at first but then getting faster and faster. She had this look on her face, much like she was relieved to get out of that torn up house but also like she was broken. Broken because of what she had seen and experienced. A few minutes later those pretty little eyes closed and she went to sleep praying for a dream in the nightmare she was living.

15 years ago, Jessica was brought into this beautiful World, not knowing what to expect and how to be treated. 5 years later she began attending school where she learned very fast, so fast that people became scared of her. Scared for some strange reason. As years went by she had skipped most grades because her mind worked in some abnormal way. People would call her horrible names and how she was such a freak. Little did they know what she really was.

When Jessica would come home from school she would only experience worse from her parents. An abusive father and a mother who was to afraid to stand up for herself. Her mother was extremely beautiful, well as of what Jessica remembered. One day Jessica came home and her mom was laying on the floor crying. Jessica ran in and quickly grabbed her mother to comfort her. I guess she never looked to her left so lost in caring for her loving mother. Her father grabbed her beautiful long blonde hair and snatched her back. Jessica hit the white wall fast making a large bang and she looked up.

Her face said it all “But daddy why do you do this, what did I ever do?”

A few seconds later she felt something cold on the side of her face. She touched it only to notice it was bright red blood dripping down her face.

Her father looked at her and said

“I am sorry I am doing this to you but this is for your own good.”

Tears filled Jessica’s eyes as her father brought his large fist towards her face. The next day she woke, everything was brighter then normal. She was laying against the wall still. She touched the side of her face hoping everything was all a dream, but it wasn’t. She stood up, still dizzy from the amount of blood being lost and walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the broken mirror. Her right eye was purple and black, her cheek was swollen and red, and there was large amounts of dry blood covering her face. All of the sudden she felt something touch her waist. She turned around to find something, something so relieving yet heart wrenching.


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