Top 5 Valentines Presents to get a Guy

As Valentines is quickly approaching, we struggle to find the right Valentines present for our boyfriend or husband. I have listed the top 5 present ideas that you can get for that special someone in your life. We all know how that one person means the world to us, so hopefully I can help with finding him a present that suits him. Enjoy!

  1. 52 reasons why I love you!


This puts a spin on just a simple love letter. Grab a deck of cards (We all know you have an extra deck) and rather hand write or type 52 reasons why you love him. Simply glue what you have typed on a deck of cards and TADA!! The perfect sentimental present.

2. A Bracelet! Guaranteed he will like itil_fullxfull-486164274_3w2m_originalartificial-her-one-his-only-lovers-couple-font-b-bracelet-b-font-for-valentine-s-day

I know what you are thinking (why would my boyfriend wear this?) Well I inform you that if you get him a bracelet like this and you show him you have the other half he will wear it. You can even make it on your own if you wanted to save some money. It is very stylish and any guy would love something like this.

3. Hooked on you- Fishing


Does your boyfriend go fishing a lot? Maybe keep this idea in mind, like how you will be on his mind whenever he is fishing. What an adorable idea.

4. Sports or Music?


Is your boyfriend a sports oriented? What about music, does he have a favorite band? Why not get him a hat with his favorite team or band on it. Or you could get him a cute hat with his favorite band.

5. Food

1fb066d81a58d6cac0ae1feed7b494cd3cd303704be2af21bfad42891a9764a7 I am just saying you can’t really EVER go wrong when it comes to food. Just put a cute little twist on it. Trust me you will make him smile whenever he opens it up.



I just thought this was super adorable!! Every-time he opens the door or starts his car, he will think of you. How SWEET!!


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