The best 2016 Movies

As 2017 begins, let’s take a moment and recap the best 2016 movies that came out. Rather it be comedy, horror, action, or pure children movies, the movie companies sure made some great movies this 2016.

  1. Zootopia-

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    This movie has everything from adventure, to sloths, to a fox stealing a Popsicle,to a bunny wanting to become a police officer. The movie touches on the base of prejudices between predator and preys. The main character is a bunny who wants to become a police office but because she is a girl and a bunny people do not respect her. She then meets a fox which everyone stereotypes because of the kind of animal he is. They then go on this long adventure together to discover that their society is not as happy as they thought.

  2. La La Land-

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    Mia and Sebastian are drawn together because of common desires to do what they both love. They face many hard problems and have to make tough decisions. They have to make a choice revolving around if they should leave their perfect relationship to follow different dreams they both have. With strong love for each other, will they let something little tear them apart?

  3. Moonlight-

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    A young man born in Miami struggles with his home life and comes to age during the “War Of Drugs.” This story shows how this man begins to find himself and is faced with horrible decisions. He experiences the pain that comes with beauty and how difficult falling in love actually is.

  4. Deadpool-

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    Wade Wilson was a former Special Forces agent when an evil doctor transforms him in “Deadpool”. Deadpool is left with unimaginable powers such as healing powers and a twisted sense of humor. Deadpool then sets out on the adventure of a life-time to hunt down the people that almost destroyed him.

  5. Captain America- Civil War-

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    As the avengers begin to separate due to Captain America and Iron Mans different political views a battle emerges. The two form different alliances with different marvel characters.The question is, who will win?

  6. The Jungle Book-

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    Mowgli was an abandoned child, raised by wolves. Then one day a man-eating tiger by the name of Shere Khan arrives in his forest with the plan to kill Mowgli because he is the strongest in the forest. He also faces a challenge as if he should leave his wolf family to go to the human village. As he goes on his adventure he faces many challenges and has two animals that help aid him. A bear named Balloo and a panther name Bagheera. (More like a guardian angel)

  7. Moana-

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    A beautiful teenage girl sets sail out on a daring mission to save her people. On her adventure she meets a demigod Maui and become close friends. Maui helps her through her journey. Together they learn that it is okay to ask for help. They encounter monsters, and storms, and almost anything you can think of. I wonder if they made it back home?

  8. Finding Dory-

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    A continuation of the first movie “Nemo”, this moves focuses more on Dory and her life. Dory suffers from extreme short term memory loss and one day remembers her family. She goes on a long embark, with the hope of finding her family. While searching she meets long lost friends, learns to trust herself, and family realizes that to never give up no matter what your situation may be.

  9. Suicide Squad-

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    Based on the amazing DC Comics antihero’s. This movie has so much action, you can’t really put it all into a summary. Not only is the action scenes amazing but the actual quality and music itself makes the movie.  Watch a Antiheros team up together to help the United Stated fight the enchantress who took over all control and is ready to destroy everything. With all these evil and stubborn criminals in one room, something is bound to go wrong. Oh, and lets not forget Harley “What was that I need to kill everybody and escape? haha the voices” “I’m just kidding that’s not what they really said.”

  10. Jackie-

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    Based on a true story: After her husband is assassinated, Jackie’s life is left in ruins.She becomes traumatized by  the grief she is feeling. She has to deal with comforting her two children, planning her husbands funeral, and leaving the white house very fast. She is faced with tough decisions that she then realizes define how her husband will be remembered.

  11. Batman Vs Superman-

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    For all those superhero people out there. You rather like it or you don’t so I am not going to spoil it for you.  You will just have to pick a side and hope you are right. Batman or Superman!?

  12. Manchester by the Sea-

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    Manchester by the sea touch bases on the whole idea of forgiving, not just forgiving other people who’ve caused you pain, but forgiving yourself for inflicting pain on others. This story is about a young man who has been faced with horrible tragedies and how he slowly begins to come back to life. It is a very humorous movie to watch about grief (Sounds weird right?) But for this movie you will really have to take a seat for it can get emotional.

  13. Sing Street-

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    A young city boy named Ferdia forms a rock n’ roll band to impress and hopefully win over the heart of this beautiful model, but with a few minor bumps in the road.

  14. The Martian-

    Image result for the martianWhen a trip to Mars goes wrong, Mark Watney is left stranded on Mars, only equipped with survival food and water made to only last a few months. Struggling to survive indoors he begins to create survival tactics , until his crew can make it back to rescue him.

  15. Inside Out-

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    This fun loving family movie begins with a 11 year old girl named Riley. She had always been very happy until her parents make her leave everything behind to move to a different city. Inside her mind are her emotions, which are played by the characters above. (Sadness-the blue one, Disgust- The green one, Joy- the yellow one, Anger-The red one, and Fear the purple one) When Sadness messes with these magical marbles in Riley’s head Riley becomes very depressed and angry without herself and her parents. This movie shows how everybody has to grow up one day a realize that with happiness there is always sadness, you can’t just have one emotion, but many.


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