Love Letter to Mr.Strawberry

Disclaimer: Ok just so this is clear for my readers; This is a CLASS ASSIGNMENT not something I chose to do myself. I believe fully that people should not fall in love with objects other than people. We were asked to write a love letter to our favorite food so do not be disturbed, It’s all a put on. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Oh and no strawberries were harmed in the writing of this blog.


Dear My darling Strawberry,

Oh beautiful luscious strawberry, I am writing to you today to confess my undying love for you. How much I have longed to write to you. How many times I dream about you in my magnificent castle, while lying on my strawberry stem bed and looking at that picture hung on my wall of your delish stem. I know society frowns about us being in love because you are a food and I am just a lonely lonely girl looking for someone to love her. You are so much more then what society makes you out to be. Also, I know you filed a restraining order but I didn’t mean to bite you that hard. I can’t help that you’re mouth-watering leaves flow in the wind so perfectly. After all, you are the only fruit that has seeds on the outside. You don’t know how special you are to me. I know there are so many better girl strawberries out there but I want you to know. I won’t bite you again baby I will become a carnivore and I’ve heard it is a lot healthier. I will do anything for you my dear and I will forever be yours even if you aren’t mine. I love you deeply sweetness.

You’re Love,


P.S. “I am sorry if I sound needly, But I need you and I can’t be away from you any longer…You are my world and my star. I can’t wait to rub whipped cream all over you.”


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