Top 5 Valentines Presents to get a Guy

As Valentines is quickly approaching, we struggle to find the right Valentines present for our boyfriend or husband. I have listed the top 5 present ideas that you can get for that special someone in your life. We all know how that one person means the world to us, so hopefully I can help with … Continue reading Top 5 Valentines Presents to get a Guy


The best 2016 Movies

As 2017 begins, let's take a moment and recap the best 2016 movies that came out. Rather it be comedy, horror, action, or pure children movies, the movie companies sure made some great movies this 2016. Zootopia- This movie has everything from adventure, to sloths, to a fox stealing a Popsicle,to a bunny wanting to … Continue reading The best 2016 Movies