Review on the Book Thief (The Movie)

The Book Thief (The Movie review): Review

Quick summary of the Book Thief: 

The Book Thief takes place during World War II. Death is the narrator (Kinda creepy right) Liesel the main character is sent away because her mom was a communist and Hitler did not approve. Her brother is also sent away, but to a safe place to a family that will keep them save. During the ride her brother dies and this is where the story unfolds. Liesel is attending her brothers funeral when a young man drops a book while burying her brother. Instead of giving the book back she keeps it. (Hence why it is called the book thief) She arrives to meet her family “The Hubermans” which consists of her papa “Hans” and her Mama “Rosa.”

As Liesel is adjusting to her new lifestyle, she meets her forever best-friend Rudy Steiner. Rudy has a huge crush on Liesel and always tries to make her kiss him. He also is very athletic and has an obsession with Jesse Owens. Liesel is then taught by Hans how to read and write. Han’s writes things down on the basement wall for her to learn and understand and they continue adding new words every time. As food supplies are running out due to the war, it is Hitler’s birthday. To celebrate his birthday, the whole town burns books. This is where she steals another book, but this time someone sees her. (The Mayor’s wife) Rosa makes Liesel start bringing laundry and getting laundry to the citizens of Molching in hopes that the citizens won’t fire a sweet innocent little girl like Liesel.

One day, as Liesel is delivering laundry the Mayor’s wife invites her into her home. The Mayor’s wife informally known as Mrs.IIsa, shows liesel a huge library that belonged to her deceased  son. (who died in the war) There Liesel begins to read and read and learn more. Meanwhile, while Liesel is gone a man arrives at the Huberman’s. Hans apparently made an agreement with the man (Max) that he would house him and keep him safe the problem is…he is a Jew. As the story continues, many different things happen that leave you on cliff hangers. I do not want to spoil the rest for you but now it is review time.


Review Time: 

I absolutely loved the book thief. The actors in the movie portrayed the characters so perfect and the crew/director did an absolute amazing job. I will say I did not like the fact that the main character Liesel played by Sophie Nélisse had blue eyes. I know this is not a very noticeable quality but in the book specifically, Death tells us that she had gorgeous brown eyes. Another thing I was not very happy with was, how in the movie Rudy finds Liesel’s journal and finds out about Max, but in the book it comes so much later in the story. It is completely unnecessary  that they put a plot twist like this in. I really would have liked if they did not show this scene. Lastly, my only other concern was in the movie how they completely skipped over the stealing scenes where Liesel and Rudy joined a gang and began to steal food. I feel like this is a very important part of the book. Overall, the movie was amazing and my opinions are my opinions. I would for sure recommend watching this movie after reading the book.




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