10 Inexpensive, Yet Meaningful Gifts

Okay so I know that Christmas is basically the best time of year, but I also understand that it can be pretty expensive as well. I know how ya’ feel, you believe that the people you need to buy for deserve the world, but you are on kind of a cheap budget. To hopefully help with your struggle, here is a list of ten meaningful, yet inexpensive gifts you can buy for your loved ones.

#1 Memory Card Game-


Print out pictures of all of your many family memories (print out 2 of the same pictures). Have your family turn all the pictures upside down and try to match the two pictures together. Your family will love all the memories that they may have forgotten of and just have a great time enjoying time with your family.

#2 Monogrammed Items-

Tons of people these days love monogrammed items. Rather it be cups, shirts, hats, etc. These is very inexpensive because all you have to do is buy a cup or a plain t-shirt and add a monogram on it which does not cost much.

#3 Bath and Body Works Christmas products-


If you are looking for something inexpensive, try bath and body works. They are handing out coupons constantly. Just wait for all the good deals and coupons. Try giving these amazing Christmas products to anyone of your family members (yes they make guy products) and they will love the idea and who wouldn’t want to smell good.

#4 Love Deck of Cards-


Give this to anyone that you really love. You get to list 52 reasons why you love him or her. This is very meaningful and it only costs  you losing a deck of cards and some down time, but it’s worth it for a great present for friends or family.

#5 Glitter bottle Necklaces-


Yes I know what you are thinking why would I want to wear a jar of glitter but actually this idea is becoming a really big trend and is super easy to make. It is very meaningful, and I’m sure any girl would love this.

#6 Starbucks gift card and cup with meaningful note-


You have always got that one caffeine junky and even though this may not seem like much, your friend will love you forever. Plus, this is super inexpensive because you get to choose how much you want to spend on that individual person.

#7 Wine Bottle Creations-


This goes to the wine lovers in your family. If you have one of them in your family, this would be a cool gift. It is inexpensive because hopefully you save wine corks and a little glue. That is all that is needed to make this wonderful creation.

#8 Hot chocolate recipe and ingredient jar-


For the people who love to cook or love hot chocolate. Try making them this adorable Rudolph jar filled with the ingredients needed from your recipe.

#9 Adorable DIY mug-

If you are a creative person, you can make a beautiful mug for anyone of your family members and add your own little unique touches to the mug.

#10 Emergency Chocolate Gift-


This is so hilarious and inexpensive. Give this to someone in your family who loves chocolate and jokes. Maybe even add a gift card inside it for a little extra surprise.


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