Facts about being A Gemini

Gemini: May 21-June 21

I was born May 28th, which makes me a Gemini. I find it very interesting to learn things about my zodiac sign so today I hope to teach a little about being a Gemini or facts about them.

Here is some some background knowledge behind this zodiac sign:

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Gemini is the third astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Gemini and is represented by The Twins Caster and Pollux. The symbol of the twins is based on the Dioscuri two mortals that were granted shared godhood after death. They are the messengers among-est the sun signs but have a unique gift of being blessed with a dual type of mine.

  • Zodiac Quality- Mutable (In zodiac signs mutable is associated with adaptability, leadership, creativity, sympathetic mindset, and versatility)
  • Zodiac Element- Air
  • Zodiac Symbol- Twins
  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Lucky Number- 5,14,7,23,50, and 41
  • Lucky Day- Wednesday
  • Healing Stone-Agate:a brown agate develop a grounded nature for a Gemini and a blue agate reduces mental tensions and helps balance their emotional well being
  • Healing Flower- Lily: They shift from one personality  to the next in minutes, the flower helps in clearing the mind and stay calm
  • Some Positive qualities- Brilliance of Mind, Good Communication Skills, Gregariousness (likes company), Enthusiasm, and  Cheerful
  • Friends and Family- Gemini’s absolutely love spending time with their family. Gemini’s love to talk and hear insights from other people, but without a clear flow they become bored very fast. Gemini’s adore children and will be the first at a family event.
  • Love- Fun-loving. Gemini’s form a relationship where they tease each other. They are flirtatious and curious and are spiritual lovers. When a Gemini falls in love they want to make sure that their lover is treated right and that their lover is their top most priority but they cant handle commitment.
  • Health- As Gemini’s they overthink and over work their brain, and also suffer from mental and nervous exhaustion. They are more likely to have asthma and bronchitis. They need good doses of sleep to function properly.
  • Likes- Reading, writing, having a lot to do, being on the go, and variety
  • Dislikes- Being alone, boredom, being forced to be silent, dull assignments that they lack interest in.

Short Fun Facts-


  1. Gemini’s are storytellers and writers (with so much information and thirst for knowledge a Gemini makes a great storyteller for they share their experiences and dull moments in their lives)
  2. Gemini’s are impatient
  3. The way to their heart is through their head
  4. They are a real charmer (especially in public)
  5. Gemini’s will be happy one second then mad
  6. Gemini’s are more attracted to interesting people then hot people
  7. Gemini’s are very persuasive and curious (can often end up as a “know it all” without them meaning to act like that. All because of being curious)
  8. Gemini’s always get what they want
  9. Gemini’s are often good looking
  10. Gemini’s are dreamers with MANY dreams
  11. When a Gemini is sitting their mind is thinking of millions of things at once
  12. Gemini’s natural personality is flirtatious
  13. Ask a Gemini how they feel and they will avoid the question
  14. When Gemini’s get knocked down they get straight back up
  15. Gemini’s have a soft heart and are quick to forgive- be they are not stupid
  16. Something only Gemini’s do: Have an answer to everything
  17. Gemini’s are very moody and over-react to almost anything.
  18. Gemini’s are smart people but easily bored. They have a tough time completing a hobby if they lose interest half-way.

Famous Gemini People- Bob Hope, John Wayne, Nargis, Sunil Dutt, Paul McCartney, George Fernandes, Angelina Jolie, Anne Frank, Che Guavara, Donald Trump, Heidi Klum, Helen Hunt, Craig Kimbrel, Marco Rubio, Cameron Boyce

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