National Unity Day

On Wednesday October 19th Lee County Celebrated National Unity Day. October is National Bullying Prevention Month- Schools, organizations, and communities are raising awareness of bullying prevention and teaching students how to respond effectively towards bullying situations. National Unity Day is a day that people and students stand together as one to unite against bullying.”Together against bullying, united for kindness, and acceptance and inclusion.”

Youth Council helped students better understand what unity day was all about. Students signed a pledge card that said;

”When we stand together no one stands alone!”

“I make a commitment to take a stand against bullying.”

“I will treat others with respect and Kindness.”

“I will have the compassion not to bully and the courage to not be a bystander.”

“It is my responsibility to help others being bullied and to report bullying.”

After signing this Youth Council connected all the pledges together to make one long chain to signify that this school was one.

Youth Council also made a powerpoint to make students better understand the different types of bullying, the effects, bystanders, and the difference between bullying and confrontation.

Statistics show that only ¼ students report bullying, this reporting rate is so low because many of the victims are afraid to report the incidents because they have fear of retaliation. We are taking a stand on acceptance and inclusion for ALL.

You can see more information by clicking on this URL:

Help us unite against bullying!img_2926img_2927img_2928img_2929


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