Odd Things That Frustrate Me:


Odd Things That Frustrate Me:

There are so many things that frustrate a person but these things listed are things that frustrate me:

  • Un-replied text messages/Being left on read– I don’t know why this frustrates me so much but this makes me so mad whenever I send a message to someone and they read it and don’t respond.
  • Yelling to get your point across– Okay I understand you have to get your point across or discipline but is it really necessary to yell? It does not make the situation any better
  • People who lack common sense– Kind of self-explanatory
  • Being taken advantage of/made fun of for being smart– Let me just say, it gets very frustrating when people take advantage of you just because you are smart. It is frustrating when you think that person may actually like you or wants to talk to you but actually just wants your brain. Or also being held to higher standards by people just because your are smarter.
  • Couples that act like they hate each other– Can we just all get along here? At least act you like each other.
  • Sitting Still– I have to be constantly moving and if someone forces me to sit still it usually turns out bad. I MAY have ADHD and not know it but let me move!
  • People who think they know everything– Not to burst your bubble or anything but you don’t know everything. There are reasons why you shouldn’t know everything.
  • People that cannot drive/Drivers on their phones– And how did this person get a license? Maybe they are just having a bad day, but when you are risking your life or others because you want to read a text message from your hubbie. (That frustrates me)
  • Unorganized people– I am not that OCD but everything has to be in order. I can’t stand messy binders, people who don’t clean up after themselves, or people who just are unorganized in general.
  • Boys that make gross unnecessary jokes– News flash that stuff is disgusting and I am pretty sure nobody enjoys hearing that even though you may think it is, it’s not.
  • Losing– I guess I was kinda born with that urge to win at everything I do so I get super upset if I don’t win. It’s just in my blood.
  • When people don’t listen– I know everything I may say is not always right but at least listen to me and you can make that decision for yourself, but the fact that you don’t even want to acknowledge me.  (Extreme Frustration)
  • Reality TV– Not to roast reality Tv but that stuff is so fake, and to think people find entertainment in this show.
  • People Who constantly wine and complain Some people in the world need to grow up because it is so frustrating when a person constantly complains. Come to think of it I should probably shorten this list. Oops

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