Facts about being A Gemini

Gemini: May 21-June 21 I was born May 28th, which makes me a Gemini. I find it very interesting to learn things about my zodiac sign so today I hope to teach a little about being a Gemini or facts about them. Here is some some background knowledge behind this zodiac sign: Gemini is the … Continue reading Facts about being A Gemini


Top 10 Best Gifts for Teens:

  Everybody LOVES Christmas time and receiving presents, but we always dread finding the perfect gifts especially for teens.  Teens are very complicated and very hard to buy presents for nowadays. This is why I am here. As a teenager myself I will be listing the top teenage presents. Remember, these are just my opinions and … Continue reading Top 10 Best Gifts for Teens:

National Unity Day

On Wednesday October 19th Lee County Celebrated National Unity Day. October is National Bullying Prevention Month- Schools, organizations, and communities are raising awareness of bullying prevention and teaching students how to respond effectively towards bullying situations. National Unity Day is a day that people and students stand together as one to unite against bullying.”Together against … Continue reading National Unity Day