Why I love to write:

“Writing is the painting of the voice” (Voltaire)

Everyone has their opinions about writing, rather you hate it or you love it and I love it. I love writing for so many different reasons.

One reason in particular is because it takes me to a different place. Whenever I write my mind races and my heart beats faster. My mind thinks of over a billion different ideas and I begin to paint an image in my head. The hard part about writing is sometimes you cannot find that one word that makes the whole story, but once you find it, your story will transform into something amazing. Your hands may ache after writing down all of your brilliant ideas, but in the end it is worth it.

Another reason I love writing is the outcome. When I say outcome I mean the changes I make to a person’s life. For instance, if right now someone is reading this and is touched or changed by this article that is probably the best feeling someone could possibly have. I love watching someone read over my work and come up to me and say,”Wow you would be such a great author.” On the other hand you can’t just sit around and expect the story to write itself. You have to actually poor your heart out into this story. People will begin to recognize your passion.

The last reason I love to write is because writing is not that stressful. the fact that you can lay around in your pjs while other people are working and make billions by just sitting there. I will admit sometimes writing can get frustrating but at the end of the day just drink some coffee and quit worrying about deadlines and making quotas. Writing is simply pouring out ones heart in attempt to change someone else’s life and to tell a beautiful story.


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