October 14- Lee Vs Crisp

Lee Vs Crisp:

To begin Lee’s final game of the season, Lee County took on Crisp. The first quarter was very short as the only thing that happened was Lee County made a touchdown by quarterback #6 Kyle Toole. In the long run, this helped Lee tremendously. Lee won 0-6

All the fun began in the second quarter with only 5 minutes left on the clock. #6 Kyle Toole throws the ball to #27 to get a touchdown. Unfortunately Lee was struggling to get any extra points as they throw it away. The score is now 0-12.

As the clock is ticking, Lee county makes yet again another touchdown this time a different quarterback #10 Lawson Hall throws the ball to #13. Yet again, Lee struggles with the extra point but the score is now 0-18. As Lee County now moves to defense #1 Austin Beaver the kicker makes a great kick deep to help Lee County. #7 on Lee County makes a great tackle putting Crisp County on their third down. Crisp has a turnover on downs as Lee County’s offense takes the field with 1:03 seconds left on the clock. As the clock runs out of time Lee County makes their way under the field goal for a quick break for halftime.

As the third quarter makes its way #1 for Lee starts off with a great kick and #82 Amari makes a saving tackle. #55 makes a tackle against Crisp and Crisp has a turnover on downs and Lee moves to offense. Lee takes the ball mid-field with the first down. #82 makes a catch at the 35 yard line and #6 gets sacked to make the 4th turn for a turnover by Crisp. As Lee is now on defense #3 on Crisp county gets a touchdown as Lee leaves the middle wide open. The score now 6-18.  Lee now moves to offense as Lee makes an incomplete pass bringing Lee to their fourth down. #27 for Lee jukes out several players and breaks tackles at the 32 yard line with 3:04 seconds left on the clock. Lee County has a turnover on downs and Lee county is now on defense. Lee County quickly makes Crisp have a turnover on downs as they move to offense. #10 Lawson Hall, runs with the ball but gets tackled not advancing any. This ending the 3rd Quarter with the score still 6-18. Lee winning.

In the fourth quarter, Lee is on offense but Crisp helps with a false start. Lee is moves up 5 yards. #11 makes two amazing great runs positioning Lee for an easy touchdown. #2 gets a touchdown with 6:41 seconds left on the clock and Lee is still winning 6-24. Lee gets a two point conversion with the score of 6-26. Lee is now on defense. Crisp now at the 21 yard line and a tackle by a gang of trojans. #7 for Lee shoves a Crisp player out of bounds to save Crisp from getting possible touchdown. Lee unable to hold off Crisp, Crisp gets a touchdown with 3:30 left with the score now of 12-26 and the extra point was no good. Lee now on offense but quickly makes it back on defense. Crisp gets yet another touchdown moving the score up 18-26, but also no extra points. There is a turnover by Lee and Lee calls a timeout with 6:9 seconds left. As time runs out the Trojans win 18-26. Their first win of the season but last game!


Coach Hamilton:

What are the main feelings you are feeling right now?

“Just overall excitement for the guys. The guys have been working so hard all season and we’ve come up short on a couple of games and it just feels good to go out with a win and I’m real excited.”


How do you handle criticism from fans?

“ Criticism is something I really don’t pay attention to. I try to devote my time and energy into the guys. I focus on what’s going on, on the field and I’m sure people will have their opinions.  So I try to pay very little attention to fan’s criticism”


What motivates your boys at half-time?

“Motivation was the victory.  Like I said, we’ve come up short a couple of games and we fell short a little in the second half and the guys were just motivated to just go out and seal the deal with our first victory of the season.


What did you anticipate to be the biggest challenge tonight?

“Chris usually has good athletes on the field, so I just anticipate a good ball game, anticipate it being back and forth. Some of our athleticism will show but then we will have opportunities that our guys can counter that and show was kind of athletes we put out on the field.


How do you feel about this being the end of your season?

“It is always a bad feeling when the season ends, because this was a good group of guys and there is going to be a lot of good men out of this group. Guys that will be good fathers, and husbands and it’s kind of bittersweet to see the guy’s season end. But it is great to go out with a victory.”

Rian Harrell #84- 

How have you been preparing for tonight’s game?

“I have been preparing, I’ve been practicing all season and done spring training and have just been preparing as much as I could, and it is really rewarding for us to win this one.


What is your job on the field? Do you think you performed well?

“My position was a wide receiver, and overall I think I’ve done better than when I started. When I first started, I could throw the ball, I couldn’t catch it, I had no hands whatsoever but by the end of the game (well practice) I was already doing so much better.”


What pumped you up at tonight’s game?

“ This was our last game so and this was suppose to be the biggest and we have tied one and lost all the others. Anyways we were just very hyped up for tonight’s game and wanted to win this last one for Coach Green.”


What do you think you could have improved on or done better?

“I need to learn to catch better and remember my route.”


Dakota Cox #69-

What was your biggest challenge tonight?

The biggest challenge I had tonight was going against two guys”


How do you stay focused?

“I stay focused by only focusing on the game and have my mind set to the game.”

Lee County did an incredible job this season. They played many hard games and fell short almost every time. They never gave up and kept pushing themselves harder each day. Lee County 9th grade ended their season with one tie, 6 loses, and one win. Every game was extremely close but the Trojans never back down. They ended their season with an outstanding win and I could not be a prouder supporter of the Lee County 9th Grade boys football team!


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