October 6- Lee Vs Northside


Lee Vs Northside

Today Lee County Trojans took on the North Side Eagles. As Lee County was ready to take the field, players #53, #7, #30, and #13 walked up to begin the coin toss. Starting the first quarter North Side kicks off. #8 on Northside hands the ball off to #3 but only gains three yards on Lee County. Slowly as Northside advances to the 40 yard line #27 (Christian Taylor) makes an interception making this a turnover for Lee County. #27 (Christian Frazier) runs the ball to advance Lee County to the 40 yard line but unfortunately is moved back 25 yards with a red flag for a face mask. With 5:45 seconds left on the clock #27 scores a touchdown leading 0-6. Lee County gets the extra point made by Philip Madrid, with a score of 0-7. Lee now on defense let’s Northside advance to the 51 yard line. #12 (Alex Lee) saves Lee from Northside getting a possible touchdown when he intercepts one the throw intended for one of Northside’s players. Now Lee on offensive, #2 makes a run to advance Lee to put them in their first down. With 1:41 seconds left on the clock #27 will run out of bounds to put Lee at the 47 yard line. Lee fumbles the ball during a play and Northside gets the ball. Luckily, Lee County holds Northside with a score of 0-7.

   To begin the second quarter #14 on Northside will run up the middle and instantly get a touchdown to start of the quarter. #34 gets the extra point and will now tie Lee County with 7-7. Northside #35 kicks the ball to #2 on Lee County, who gets a good return to advance Lee to the 40 yard line. During a play the quarterback Lawson Hall #10 gets sacked. #2 who is wide open makes the catch at the 20 yard line. #27 makes an amazing catch and gets a touchdown for Lee County. Lee County gets a 2 point conversion and is now leading 7-15. Lee county now on defensive watch as #11 on Northside makes the catch at the 50 yard line.  Unable to stop Northside #8 gets a touchdown and a two point conversion with the score now 15-15. Lee county’s #2 breaks from 2 amazing tackles and advances Lee to the 40 yard line. Once again #2 is on a roll and he jukes out one of Northside’s player, makes a spinning catch, and gets a touchdown. Lee County is now leading 15-21. #14 on Northside will make a catch to advance Northside to the 45 yard line with only 35:8 seconds left as Lee is on defense. Lee County holds Northside with the score of 15-21.

  As halftime begins and ends player hustle out to begin the 3rd quarter. #8 gets  tackled to begin the quarter off at the 25 yard line. Lee County’s player #6 gets sacked by a Northside player. #11 on Lee runs up the middle (Screen pass) at the 30 yard line. A turnover on downs and quickly Northside gets the ball and Lee County is now on defense. Northside makes a screen pass to #17. Lee County makes a false start and Lee County slowly loses their grip on Northside. #3 on Northside makes a huge run on Lee County as Northside is now on the 5 yard line. Northside gets a touchdown by #8 tying the game 21-21 and Northside gets the extra point leading 22-21. Ending the third quarter, Northside winning by one point 22-21.

 Starting off the last quarter of the game Lee county punts the ball to the 13 yard line after #6 on Lee County’s pass is incomplete. A false start by the offense as they have to move back 5 yards. #46 and #7 on Lee County make two saving tackles by Northside, but this is not enough for Northside gets a touchdown now with the score 28-21. #78 blocks Northside’s attempt for a PAT with the score still 28-21. #27 makes an amazing run to advance Lee County to the 50 yard line. #10 Lawson Hall runs with the ball after the offense leave him completely unprotected, he makes it to the 30 yard line but gets injured in the process. There is a turnover by Northside at the 30 yard line with only 2:26 seconds left in the game. As the game continues Lee county finally is on offense as #13 catches the ball at the 45 yard line. Lee County calls for a timeout with only 43:2 left. There is a offside kick by Northside. Lee County gets a touchdown with 5:3 seconds left on the clock by #81. As Lee County attempts to get two points to tie the game Northside defends their side and Lee County fails to get the two points. Lee County loses the game but it was a very good game to watch as all Lee County’s players contributed. football-1


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