September 29 – Lee vs Warner Robins High

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Lee VS Warner Robins High

Today Lee County took on Warner Robins High.

When the game began the crowded roared. The first quarter went very slow as Warner got a jump on Lee County. Warner had a turnover play against Lee as they got a touchdown. Lee successfully stopped Warner from getting extra points. With the score 0-6 Warner Robins went into the second quarter leading.

Lee county players took a quick sip of water, got a quick motivational lecture from their coaches, and went back onto the field with more confidence than before. It took a few minutes for Lee to get back into the groove of things in the second quarter but they quickly started gaining ground. Seven minutes in, #2  (Alex Williams) makes Lee’s first touchdown. #6 (Kyle Toole) throws the ball in attempt to get the extra point but is not successful. Lee and Warner are now tying 6-6. Four minutes into the second quarter, with Warner at the 20 yard line, Warner runs with the ball but one of Lee’s players makes an amazing tackle saving Lee from a possible touchdown. Unfortunately, Lee’s defense could not hold Warner for they got another touchdown but the extra point was blocked. The score was now 6-12 as Warner was leading. Lee now having the ball #27 (Christian Frazier)  makes a great play advancing Lee to the 40 yard line. Following #27 was #8 moving Lee even closer. As the crowd was on the edge of their seats and only 1:34 seconds left on the clock, #13 had two amazing back to back plays. Finally, Lee scores a touchdown by #27. This play ending the second quarter with a score of 12-12.

As half-time quickly ended as fast as it had began Lee ran out with confidence to start the third quarter. To start off the game #2 (Alex) had an amazing run to position Lee at the 40 yard line. #90, saved Lee when he tackled a Warner Robins player during a turnover. #10 (Lawson Hall) throws the ball to #2 with only 6:18 on the clock from the 35 yard line to the 45 yard line. Lawson makes a double pass touchdown and Lee is now winning 18-12. As the clock is ticking the defense tries to hold Warner Robins but #11 makes a touchdown and gets to extra point to now lead over Lee with a score of 18-20. With only a few minutes left on the clock the defense begins to struggle as they lose their grip and let Warner make another touchdown but luckily #7 saves the extra point. Sadly, Lee cannot get another touchdown so we retire the sides and move on to the last quarter, with Warner leading 18-26.

Starting off the fourth quarter, Warner Robins makes yet another touchdown but does not make the extra points. Still leading is Warner Robins 18-32. Lee county now on offensive side gets the ball and #27 moves the ball to the 20 yard line. #13, catches Warner Robins team off guard with his fancy footwork and #6 scores a touchdown. #2 scores the extra point and Lee is still in it but are still trailing 26-34. Quickly Lee tries to get the ball as #95 makes an amazing kick/ With 4:43 seconds left on the clock Warner has the ball at the 40 yard line. With a flag, Lee gets the ball. Now, with 2 minutes left on the clock Lee gets super pumped as does the crowd because all they need is one touchdown to tie. Unfortunately, Lee was unable to make the touchdown and the game came to the end as Warner won 26-34.


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  1. Nice job


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