Mother Nature

She came in fast, her wind blowing trees down. The water rising higher than skyscrapers. When she came down, the earth roared and you could hear the voices of children crying and mothers wailing for they knew they just lost everything. Blood ran through the streaks of water in her waves, but that didn’t stop her. For she rose up higher than the last time and came down even harder. The damage was horrific and the casualties were heart wrenching. When she had finally settled down, she lay still in schools, churches, and hospitals. She did not know the damage she caused until it was finally over. All the dead bodies lay silently on top of her, and that is when she started crying. She cried for 10 days straight and a flood began. When she stopped the whole east coast was underwater. Almost everyone in that small village was dead and when she found the courage she stopped crying. When she could no longer cry anymore her old friend the sun rose and created a glistening rainbow. However, that didn’t help anything because blood still was in her water and the deaths she had caused were even greater. All the Gods were disappointed in her blow out and tried to dry up her tears as fast as they could but this could not overcome the destruction she had made. Then there was peace. Everyone came together as one and now it was time to repair all of the destroyed families and to build back everything that she took away. 

Although, this is just a story about a tsunami, this shows how devastating any natural disaster can be. Saying this, the point of the story is to draw attention to how fast your life can end. Every opportunity that you have take it and every choice pick the right one.


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