The Great Jose Frenandez

Over the weekend the Marlins faced some grave news. Jose Fernandez, the Cuban starting pitcher was in a fatal boat crash that ended his career and life.

It came as a shock to all the Marlin’s players, as they became aware of what happened.  Jose had just announced earlier in the week that his girlfriend was pregnant. Jose invited a few of his teammates to join him in a boat ride but they declined and told him that he needed to stay home. Investigators are still not sure what caused this but they have already ruled out intoxication as a factor because no alcoholic beverages were found. All they know is that the boat was traveling Southbound back towards Miami beach and crashed there. They also know that the boat belonged to Fernandez and the boat was name”Kaught Looking.” The K being backwards signifying a batter striking out without swinging. Eddy Rivero and Emilio Macias were killed along with Fernandez in this crash.

Before there deaths a man named Bernal shared publicly on Instagram his conversation he had with Rivero and text messages. Where it shows Bernal telling Rivero not to go and to be safe. Rivero replied, “Trust me it’s not my time yet.”

Jose was scheduled to be the starting pitcher in Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Braves. In fact, Braves first baseman, Freddie Freeman, was told hours before the game was suppose to start that Jose was dead. Out of pure respect the Marlin’s cancelled Sunday’s game to honor the lose of Jose. All of Jose’s friends said Jose was always the kind one and he would stay after every game to make sure every little kid got their baseball signed. They also said that Jose was crazy about the water and loved it.

As fans and players across the United States mourn the lose of The Marlins ACE pitcher, Jose Fernandez, he will forever be remembered as one of the greats. In honor of Fernandez, teammates wore hats and jerseys with his name on them and loyal fans made posters and sign to show he will forever be in their hearts.

A special thanks for all the photos and information regarding Jose Fernandez



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