Lee County Lady Trojans VS Houston County

Lee County Lady Trojans VS Houston County

As the game began, 8th grade pitcher Lauren Roberts stepped up to the pitching mound to pitch the final home game for Lee County JV. As the batter stepped up to the plate, Lauren made the first strikeout of the game and the first out of the inning. The first inning went by fast as the Lady Trojans quickly got 3 outs and went in to bat. Leading off was Karlee Back, a left handed slapper who was playing shortstop. The pitcher from Houston County was struggling that day and the Lady Trojans took advantage of this opportunity. They batted through the whole line up in the first inning, but soon Houston County made 3 outs and moved to the second inning. The Lady Trojans winning 7-0.

In the second inning, Lauren, who showed no signs of struggle, made another strikeout and that was again another fast 3 outs for the lady Trojans. Leading off the second inning was Ashylnn Berry who made an awesome line drive over the shortstop’s head. Even though the Lady Trojans only got two runs in the second inning, Ashylnn did a great job. Trojans now winning 9-0.

In the third inning, Lady Trojans made yet again an easy and quick 3 up 3 down and off they were again back to hitting. The Lady Trojans scored 5 runs in the third inning leaving the score 14-0. Due to the run rule affect stating that after a certain number of runs, the other team has to forfeit. The game was over.

The Lady Trojans did an amazing job at their home game today, which was also senior night. The final score was 14-0.

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Submitted Photo

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