September 1st- 9th Grade Football’s first Game (Lee vs Sumter)


Lee vs Sumter

As the game began, 4 team captains from each team and the coaches meet at the center of the field to flip the coin. Lee’s team captain’s were #6- Kyle Toole, #46- Seth McCullers, #55 Parker Rogers, and #21 Phin Johnson.

As 15 minutes is set on the score board, the game begins. #1- Austin Beaver kicks off the first Freshman Home Game. As the game goes on, Lee punts the ball on the 4th down and Sumter fumbles the ball. Lawson Hall #10 goes in for the touchdown ending the first quarter. Lee leading 6-0.

In the 2nd quarter Sumter scores with 7:04 minutes left and gets the extra point. Now leading Sumter 8-6. #13 James Hopson with an amazing rush. Alex Williams with an outstanding catch from Quarterback Kyle Toole, #6. Jason Hawkins in with the tackle at the 17 yard line after Lee punts the ball and an awesome kick by Austin Beaver. #27 makes a touchdown as the clock runs out. With the score now 8-12 Lee is up and we go into halftime.

After a long huddle and learning the next play, the game is back on! Sumter makes an interception as they run with the ball. Phin Johnson makes an amazing tackle as he grabs the opponent’s ankles and body slams him.  Johnson saves a touchdown with another tackle and blocks the ball from Sumter’s receiver #88. Sumter gets a touchdown and  is now leading with a score of 14-12. Alex Williams catches the ball and runs it to the 25th yard line. With 45 seconds left on the clock. Ref’s cut the 3rd quarter short due to weather and we go into the 4th Quarter.

Sumter still leading 14-12. Chancellor Smith intercepts the ball at the 54 yard line and this is by far the play of the game. Later on, as the rain pours down and people are leaving, the ball goes to Sumter. Sumter plays an incomplete pass as Christian Frazier tackles the receiver.   With 3:24 seconds left on the clock Sumter fumbles the ball and Lee recovers the ball. Lee County throws the ball down the field and Sumter intercepts at the 46 Yard Line. With 9.2 seconds on the clock the crowd cheers as Hopson  makes Lee’s touchdown. Lee receives the 2 extra points made by #6 making the score 20-20. With 2.1 seconds left, Lee has the ball as time runs out. The games ends with a tie of 20-20.

As players and coaches begin to leave we stop and ask Coach Hamilton what he thought of the game and how the team could improve? Coach says that he thinks that Lee County did good but the execution of fundamentals and effort was not all there.

Post Game Questions:

#6-Kyle Toole: (Starting QB)

What was the most exciting part of the game for you?

When I threw the pass to James #13 and he broke 4 tackles to score and tie it up.

How do you motivate one another when you are down at half-time?

We clap and say motivational things to each other and cheer up the ones that are down.

How do you get focused after making a major mistake in a game?

I have short term memory, as in I try to forget about my mistake as soon as it happens.

#10-Lawson Hall: (2nd String QB)

How do you think you preformed today and what do you think you can improve on?

I did good, but I need to work on reading the defense and how they run their defense.

What was your favorite play?

The Heart-breaker (a.k.a Hook and Ladder) to tie the game in the 2nd half.

What is your job as a Quarter-Back?

To lead the team, to be the leader,to throw the ball, and to read the defense.

#12-James Hopson: (Receiver)

What do you think the team as a whole could improve on?

Focus more on running the right routes at the right time

In a game how do you handle pressure?

Don’t think about the mistakes and just play the next play

Who is your inspirational figure?

Antonio Brown

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2 thoughts on “September 1st- 9th Grade Football’s first Game (Lee vs Sumter)

  1. Very good article for a non Football person. Lots of good vocabulary ,but if you could have used the right football terms it would almost be perfect. There were a few out of order spots in the story, but great job coverall.


  2. great for a first timer


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